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Articles & Tips

Is a Virtual Assistant Right for You?
    Authors Weigh In on Both Sides

The Virtual Living Room
    Keeping Readers Engaged Between Book Releases

If You Give an Author a Publicist
    How to make the most out of publicity from your publisher

5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Sold
    A primer for writers on or just over the cusp of publication

Batter Up
    The art of pitching to an editor or agent, including the high concept pitch

Facing the Editorial Scalpel: Revisions Without Anesthesia
    Approaching revisions with a healthy attitude

The Fine Art of Figurative Language or Cliché: Avoid it Like the Plague
    Incorporating similes and metaphors into your writing

Getting Back to Your Writing by Getting Away
    The art of writing away from the office

The Great Agent Hunt
    Finding the perfect agent

How to Cheat on Your Book (And Why You'd Want To)
    A guide to writing more than one book at a time

Re-Branding: A Survivor's Guide
    Embracing the change when your publisher decides your brand needs a new look

Subsidiary Rights: Lucrative Territory
    How to get the most out of your sub-rights sales

When Life Gets in the Way
    Balancing life and work